Our recurve bow packages for beginners include a recurve bow, sight and finger tab which will be set up just for you based on your draw length and strength. Arrows are sold separately. Most packages are $150-$350.
We stand behind every sale we make. If you ever have a problem with one of our products, just bring it back and we will make it good.

With every bow purchase, you receive the following free!

  • A complete bow tune
  • Install all accessories
  • Shooting instructions*
  • $25.00 range pass*

*for bows over $500 in value.

Bow Services

Basic Setup: $25

Basic setup includes installing sight, rest, and other accessories.
Setup of draw length, peep height, weight adjustment and fitting the bow to the shooter.

Full Tune: $45

A full tune includes everything from the basic setup, plus timing of cams, centershot, leveling sight, and paper tuning the bow. This also covers all other labor such as installing strings, swapping cams, and general repairs. We have a next-day turn around on all full tunes.

Arrow Services

Refletching Arrows: $3 per arrow (includes blazer vanes)

We can refletch any arrows with a right or left helical, straight fletch, or an offset. We also carry a variety of specialty vanes such as AAE Max Hunters, AAE Stealth Vanes, 3-5″ Feathers, and 4″ & 5″ vanes. Arrow refletching services are next-day turn around due to glue set time.
Cut and Insert Arrows: $0.50 per arrow

For arrows you bring in with your own inserts.

String Changes

String and Cable Set: $100
Installation and Full Tune: $45

We order all of our strings from our premium string maker First String. The stock colors are dark green and brown; however, custom colors are available. All strings are made-to-order and typically take about 2 weeks to arrive after ordering. These are top quality strings and will allow you to use a floating peep (without rubber tubing).

Crossbow Service

Because of their orientation, crossbows require a bit of a different set-up than vertically-aligned bows. If you’re shooting with a crossbow, make sure to take advantage of our crossbow services. Don’t see what you need below? Just ask us; we’re here to help you pursue your archery passion.
These services include:
  • Complete setup and sight in
  • Mount and sight in scope
  • Replace string
  • Replace cables